The pleasure of your company

In Scandinavian societies,a lot of social activities involve food and drink. And, specifically, food and drink with other people. People may think of these cold Northern countries as being places in which people just keep to themselves, particularly in the long winter months: but that's not true.

Celebrations and feast days are plentiful across the region, all year round – outdoor feasts and Midsummer parties in the warm summer months, cozy but no less lavish dinners round the table in the winter. There's also the fact that the trio of food, drink and company are a big part of everyday life for a lot of people in Scandinavia too, from something nice to sip and snack on in a particularly hyggeligt moment in Copenhagen to the communal coffee and cake sometimes referred to as "the backbone of Swedish society" – the fika.

Basically, there's a lot of eating and drinking with people you love. And is it any wonder? The winters are long, and dark, and cold. It's surely better to enjoy the warmth and light of good company than focus on the bleakness outside. And when summer finally arrives, it's something to celebrate – by getting outside and setting the table. There's always an excuse to get your friends and family together for big, hearty dinners.

Which means a lot of dirty dishes. 

ASKO dishwasher takes good care of your china and glassware
ASKO dishwasher with crystal glass program

Not to worry.ASKO dishwashers are designed to handle large gatherings. In fact, the XXL dishwashers can handle dishes, glasses and cutlery equivalent to 17 individual place settings. That's a pretty big table. The machines' cavernous interiors and smart stacking and loading system can fit in about 40% more than a standard dishwasher, and other smart features – like internal LEDs for a good view of the contents, a height-adjustment system, ball bearings in the guide rails, and more racks – turn loading, and unloading, the dishwasher into less of a chore. 

Machines that hold a lot of dishes also have to be able to clean a lot of dishes. ASKO machines have a spray system that makes sure every section of the dishwasher is supplied with water and detergent, with no blind spots, as well as Wide Spray and Jet Spray zones for the lower rack that makes sure the machine's full cleaning power gets into every part of the load. ASKO's Super Cleaning System (SCS+) also pre-rinses the dishes for you, makes sure that the container is clean before the main wash starts, and then sets it in action with clean water. For you, this means less time rinsing and re-washing dishes once the table has been cleared and the guests have taken their drinks to the fireside. And you can be sure that your party dishes will leave the machine clean, dry and ready to be put away for the next big event.

Upper basked with room for wine glasses.
Clean the dishes from your dinner party in ASKO dishwasher.
Enjoy a glass of white wine and when finnished use ASKO crystal glass dishwasher program.
Lower basket in ASKO dishwasher.

ASKO dishwashers are also designed to take care of your finest china and glassware. The Swedish artisan glassmakers at Orrefors recommend our dishwashers for their glasses – as they put it, ASKO dishwashers put "an end to the myth that crystal glasses cannot be cleaned in a dishwasher." This is thanks to the Crystal glass program – a sensitive washing mode that gradually increases the temperature of the water during the wash and then holds it at a suitable, steady temperature throughout the rest of the wash. It's far kinder on delicate glassware and crockery. There's also the special glass-care baskets available in the dishwashers, which cradle the delicate crystal to keep it safe, as well as minimizing contact between the basket and the glasses. As we put it: it is actually safer to wash your sensitive crystal glasses in an ASKO than by hand.

And there's one last thing: literally. You've had your dinner party, cleared the table, said goodbye to your guests; time to sit down for a much-needed rest. In the background, the ASKO machine will do its job quietly, so as not to disturb the peace of your home. There's even a whisper-quiet "night mode" for when everyone's gone to bed.