Steel of approval

It's durable, distinctive, and distinguished. Instantly recognizable, something to look out for, and a really dependable mark of strength and quality. And it's a material you'll find used throughout ASKO appliances – both inside and out – in quantities that really set them apart from the competition.

Clean, shiny steel looks great, and it's that which catches the eye at first. But steel as a material also brings way more to the table, which is why it's also important to look for plenty of steel inside the machines as well as just on the outside. Choosing steel as a material to build dishwashers and laundry appliances with has real hygiene and longevity benefits, as well as a distinct aesthetic.  

And that's why we love to use it in our machines.

ASKO dishwasher takes good care of your china and glassware

Longevity – and sustainability

It goes without saying that the best thing about a long-lasting machine is that it can be a trusty companion throughout the years – doing its job, day after day, getting your clothes and your dishes in perfect condition, always there when you need it. The strength of steel – and its hardiness – make it an excellent choice for machines that are built to last. And since an appliance that lasts for a long time is always a far better use of resources than one that needs to be continually replaced, it's no surprise that long-lasting items are seen as far more sustainable than ones with shorter lifespans. 

ASKO steel-built washing machines are tested so that they can last for longer than 10,000 hours of operation. They're also easier to repair than machines made with plastic components. And certain ASKO dishwashers contain more steel than any other on the market – with baskets, components and spray arms all built in it. Look for the 8 SteelTM feature, which tells you that eight of the dishwasher's most important components are constructed from stainless steel. And on the outside – on the distinctive steel door – the touch switches and handle are also made from the tough metal. The simple fact of the matter is that they last longer.

ASKO dishwasher with turbo drying
ASKO dishwasher with stainless steel spray arm
ASKO tumble dryer with stainless steel drum
ASKO dishwasher with stainless steel sliding rails

More than stainless

As well as lasting longer, stainless steel tubs and parts keep clean for longer too. (The clue is in the name, really.) This is another one of the main reasons that the 8 Steel system was created for dishwashers; to keep the inside of the machine cleaner and more hygienic. But nothing illustrates the hygiene benefits of steel better than the ASKO Steel SealTM door rim you'll find in washing machines.

ASKO eschew the industry-standard rubber bellows inside a washing machine's door in favor of a seal made from – you guessed it – steel. It's inspired by commercial and industrial washing machines, and it benefits you in a number of ways. Firstly, it makes it easier to load and unload the machine, both in terms of getting the laundry in and out and avoiding any post-wash smears of detergent residue. But secondly, and perhaps most importantly, it avoids the build-up of detergent, stagnant water and other nasties that regularly haunt the nooks and crannies of a rubber seal. As a result, your wash is cleaner from the word go, and you don't need to run drum-cleaning programs nearly so often. 

ASKO washing machines are renowned for their proven hygienic properties, both in terms of the machines themselves and the results they deliver in the wash, making them perfect for people with allergies. Attention to cleanliness can be found throughout the design – from the Steel SealTM to the programs and the way in which they use the water. Since Steel SealTM reduces the risk of harmful bacteria and fungi building up, it also reduces the risk of these things – and stagnant water, and decomposing detergent – creating bad smells inside the machine, which you definitely don't want making their way into your wash. Microbiological studies show that ASKO doors with Steel SealTM unequivocally trap far less bacteria than their competitors on the market with rubber bellow door seals.

ASKO washers with unique solution Steel Seal
ASKO washers with stainless stell ball bearings


One of the principles of Scandinavian design involves prioritizing function, beautifully. There's no doubt that steel is a sensible choice of material when it comes to designing premium, long-lasting appliances. Fortunate, then, that it has the added benefit of looking great.

This is best exemplified in the steel front of a dishwasher, where the main section of the door and the panel are blended seamlessly together. It's bold and understated at the same time; both elegant, and eye-catching. It's made to blend into the kitchen – with no jarring details – but also draw attention to the way it looks.