Family laundry

When it comes to choosing laundry appliances for family homes, versatility is key. Real, well-thought-through versatility that cares for clothing and wearer. But laundry equipment also needs to be trustworthy and reliable: to be able to take care of large, varied loads of laundry and do it efficiently, getting clothes back into the wardrobes as quickly as possible

For architects building and equipping a place for a family to live, you need to be able to reassure the homemakers that the solutions you're recommending will work perfectly for all of them. Home appliances are a major investment: your clients need a brand, and machines, that they can trust. They will conceivably be using it from day one, and almost every day after that. They need reliable equipment which performs brilliantly: something they can use without having to worry about, as they start turning their new house into a home.

Imagine that you're choosing appliances for a family with a couple of football-obsessed kids, a little baby, one parent who cycles to work and one with bothersome allergies. In other words – a normal family, with normal requirements. Finding a laundry solution that not only suits all of them but also makes things actively better for all of them might sound like a bit of a challenge. But it shouldn't be. 

And with ASKO, it isn't.

ASKO appliances will clean, dry and care for the clothing worn by every member of the family – and they'll do it superbly well, no matter what the family's needs are. They do this by adding an extra level of innovation to the standard kinds of functionality you see in most machines on the market, going way beyond temperatures, timings and doses alone. 

Take the ASKO Allergy mode, for example. Rather than just being a single program which makes clothes more wearable for allergy sufferers, it's a cross-program mode that applies a couple of factors to every single wash. More water, thorough rinses – from both the load and all of the machine's compartments – more energy and a more even, longer period of temperature washing ensure a truly allergy-friendly wash. 

Other ASKO innovations that work well for allergy sufferers include the steam program available on dryers – which freshen up clothing, or remove creases, without the need for a full wash or use of fabric softeners.

Individual program can be thought through that little bit extra to make life easier for the family. The ASKO sportswear program takes very good care of high-performance sportswear – particularly that which is made with waterproof, breathable membranes, as well as blended technical fabrics. It does this by minimizing the program length as well as rinsing fewer times: reducing wear on composite materials, while still making sure that the grime from the football pitch or the weekend's long cycle ride is thoroughly removed. 

ASKO washers and dryers also have programs that allow you to add and activate waterproofing treatments to outdoor clothing, too.

A machine that can handle these sorts of careful, delicate washes needs to be able to shift really tough dirt, too: like you'd find on baby clothes or kitchen wear. But it also needs to be kind to the clothing, and to the user. 

Longer-lasting sequences and extra rinses shift the toughest dirt, as well as bacteria from raw food ingredients. And since the wash is designed to remove all residues of dirt and detergent, the ASKO Hygiene program is another really good choice for allergy sufferers. 

To make a machine truly family-friendly, you can also look for smart extra touches. Like the Steel SealTM solution in the door which eschews the need for the usual rubber bellow, a haven for dirty water, bacteria and other things you don't want in your wash. 
Speed modes on washing machines that let you squeeze more loads into the day, and a "butterfly drying" function in the dryer that pushes clothes around in a way that won't tangle them up, saving you time when folding and storing them. 

The stability and solid build that guarantees a long service life. A rigorous testing regime that guarantees long life and consistent performance, And a distinctly elegant Scandinavian style that's made to suit every room – as well as a versatile range of machines for homes of all shapes and sizes. 
In short, ASKO machines have been designed and built to excel – and to be trusty companions for the whole family, taking care of them and their clothing for a very long time. They're the perfect choice for a new home. 

The full range of ASKO laundry machines can be found here.