Eliminating your biggest troubles
In the work to develop our latest tumble dryers we met many users. These meetings became small narratives with different views, ideas and wishes. We learned a lot and started developing a new generation of dryers with a great many improvements and solutions. Here we have collected some of the most common concerns and how we try to resolve them.
Steam care for shirts
Repetitive steam injections and heat treatment to eliminate creases in the fabric. Low heat is used to also cater for sensitive fabrics. Steam care can be used with up to six shirts at a time.
Line Concept™
The Line Concept™ starts with the detergent drawer to the left and ends with the Start / Stop / Pause button to the right. Start with filling the detergent drawer then simply enter your desired settings from left to right! Line Concept™ is available on all Pro Home™ washing machines and tumble dryers.
Kid Safe™ - Guarantee safety for the very youngest
To guarantee safety for the very youngest, the door of an ASKO tumble dryer can be opened from the inside, and the dryer has to be re-started if the door has been opened during drying.
Dryers with set start time function
Select a program and then press Delayed Start. Press the button to select a delayed start of 1 to 24 hours. The lamp next to the button lights when this option is activated. Next press Start and the machine counts down 1 hour at a time and starts after the selected delay. To cancel Delayed Start press and hold Stop for three seconds. Delayed Start cannot be selected with Timed dry or Revitalise.
LED light - A light that welcomes you
All of our Logic and Style tumble dryers are equipped with an interior LED light that provides ambient light with a premium feeling. It is nice to be able to see those items that can easily be left at the back of the dryer. The porthole is also illuminated for easy loading and unloading.
Brushless motor - Long lasting motors
We have fitted our tumble dryers with extra reliable and quiet brushless motors. No brushes means a part less than can break, it also makes the motor more quiet.

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