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To understand how our new Nordic Fresh fridges and freezers work, we must first learn from nature. For example, different plants need different environments to grow strong. Some need sun and a dry climate, others need shade and moisture.

The same principle applies to storing fresh food in a fridge or a freezer. We have mimiced nature to create microclimates within  a single fridge, offering the best possible storage conditions for different types of food. 
Built-in beauty
The Nordic Fresh built-in refrigeration range are made for uncompromising kitchens where form and function are equally important. They are easy to integrate in all types of kitchens, with minimal gaps to adjacent furnishings.
Cool Flow System
Fast and even cool air distribution is crucial to keeping your food fresh. The Cool Flow system allows you to store your food on any shelf and ensures that the temperature is rapidly restored after opening and closing the door. The continuous air flow also reduces drying out and preserves the food’s first-day freshness for longer.
Doors with exclusive feel
Smooth, soft-closing doors are easy and convenient to use and prevent glass bottles and other sensitive loads from bumps and damage.
Keep the fresh fresh
When food is exposed to external conditions, it will inevitably start to decay and lose its nutritional value. With the Dura Fresh™ System, you can manually create the perfect microclimate for your food.
Auto Humidity Control
Automatic Humidity Control keeps the humidity in the humid drawers at the optimum level. A special membrane automatically opens above 90 % humidity. Below 90 %, the membrane closes and keeps the moisture inside the drawer. This is a fully automated process that protects your fruit and vegetables from both drying out and decay.
Soft Closing Drawers
Food that you often use for cooking should be easily accessible. That’s why the three mid-drawers in the Nordic Fresh freezer are designed to be used frequently with easy-slide fully extendable telescopic rails and a soft-closing function. They are also easy to remove.

Auto Fast Freeze

Food should always be frozen as quickly as possible. The ice crystals will then be smaller compared to freezing slowly. Small ice crystals do not affect the fibres in meat and vegetables and keep the food in its original condition. Retain the healthy  nutrients inyour food when freezing with Auto Fast Freeze! What’s more, when youdefrost it there’s no weight loss. It’s like time stood still. 

Auto Fast Freeze automatically detects warm,  unfrozen food in the freezer and triggers an intensive blow  of cold air that will freeze the food faster than normal.
Wooden bottle holder
Glass bottles rests safer on wood than on any other material and you will not get any unpleasant scratch sound when loading and unloading them.
Multi Box
Protect the food in your fridge from strong-smelling cheese by storing it in the Multibox. Or do the opposite and put a cream cake in it. Wood is a natural inhibitor of bacteria and reduces odours.
Egg Tray
A perfect match between two natural materials. One for storing and one for eating. The wooden egg tray will carefully store your eggs as well as add a distinguishing feature to the inside of your Nordic Fresh fridge.
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ASKO Nordic Fresh