Festive treats for the holidays by Tommy Eriksson

Against the breathtaking backdrop of the Swedish archipelago, Högberga Gård's gastronomic leader Tommy Eriksson prepares festive snacks for the holiday season. Here, he shares his best recipes with us: recipes that were created with genuine craftsmanship, and a real love for food.

Beautiful Högberga Gård is a historic location in Stockholm, Sweden, built by art collector Klas Fåhraeus in 1911. From it, the visitor is treated to a breathtaking view of Stockholm’s archipelago – a view which is characteristically Scandinavian. Today, Högberga Gård accommodates guests who can stay overnight, enjoy the spa, and try wines from the winery.

In Högberga Matstudio, gastronomic leader Tommy Eriksson provides guests with top-class food and lets them broaden their own culinary skills with cookery classes. Tommy is an award-winning chef who have completed both nationally and internationally. Sustainability and passion are Tommy's watchwords and he takes guests on a culinary journey every night.

With ASKO, Tommy has developed a customized gourmet cooking course at Högberga Matstudio. Now, we’re opening it up to everyone – and Tommy would also like to share his favourite recipes for festive treats with all of you here, online. Challenge yourself and impress your guests by trying out the recipes below.


The recipes are created with a real love for food, using fine ingredients from the season, and imbued with a genuine craftsmanship to lift the ingredients. Find your favourite right here.