World’s most flexible built-in combi oven

ASKO 5-in-1 Combi Ovens

ASKO 5-in-1 Combi Ovens makes the most of your available space

Being able to cook big gourmet dinners and quick everyday meals in the same kitchen can be a challenge when living in a small city apartment.  You need many functions packed into a compact space. A 5-in-1 Combi Oven comes in handy in that scenario – being the world’s most flexible built-in combi oven. With five main cooking methods, it offers full flexibility for any kind of cooking.

Three main cooking and heating technologies make up the core of this product: full steam, microwaves and traditional oven – that can all be used individually. On top of that, you can combine microwave with traditional oven and steam with traditional oven, meaning the possibilities are endless. With the smart stage-cooking function, you can extend cooking experiences further and create combination programs using both steam and microwaves in sequences.

Compact yet competent 


From fast food to gourmet dinners. Create delicious gourmet food for the evening dinner using the Sous Vide program as well as that instant late night snack using the microwave or combi microwave function to reheat food.
Made for compact living. Make the best with available room and avoid unpleasant compromises. You do not need to opt out, since it is already integrated in the 5-in-1 combi oven.
Reheat yesterday’s pizza with heat and microwaves. Fast heating with crispy surface retained.
Cook meat or poultry with Hot air + Microwaves to both shorten the cooking time and get a crispy top.

The right choice for you

  1. Steam - Gentle, pressure-free cooking of vegetables, fish and meat. Use full steam function for cooking fresh fish or inject steam in the beginning of baking bread to create a delicious crispy crust.
  2. Microwave - A real time saver when re-heating food and warming liquids, also good for defrosting.
  3. Traditional oven - Various functions for baking and cooking with combining upper and lower heat, hot air and grill.
  4. Combination traditional oven/microwaves - The dish is cooked with a combination of microwaves and hot air. This shortens the cooking time, but the dishes do get a nice brown crispy top
  5. Combination traditional oven/steam - To combine hot air and steam brings out more taste and creates a more appealing texture of for example meat and fish. The steam is sprayed into the oven cavity at regular intervals.

With our stage cooking you can also combine:
  • Combination Steam/Microwave
  • Combination Steam/Traditional oven/Microwave

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The technique behind the arguments

One might think that making world’s most flexible built-in combi oven is just putting different technologies together. In reality it is not that easy. Combining microwaves and steam is a challenge for example. To be able to provide this combination you must ensure that the oven compartment is not too damp from the steam, otherwise the microwaves will loose effect.

In all ASKO 5-in-1 Combi Ovens you will therefore find the effective Pure Steam system that separates condensate water from steam before the steam reaches the oven compartment. And all condensate water that are created when the steam meats the cold food is effectively evaporated so that the compartment is enough dry when it’s time for the microwaves. This makes it possible for you to reheat yesterday’s pizza without losing crispiness, texture and taste. 

Inverter system
Have you ever found your microwave heated food hot in some places and cold in some? With ASKO’s innovative inverter microwave system that is yesterday’s problem. As the traditional system deliver microwaves in pulses, the inverter system instead produces a continuous flow of microwaves and your food gets equally warm everywhere.
5 Air Flow™ system
When you use your ASKO oven you will notice that the food is perfectly baked on all sides. This is guaranteed by the 5 Air Flow system which secures an optimal circulation of heat or steam within the oven. Combined with its four openings, the fan and the vaulted ceiling make the hot air and steam spread evenly.
Pure steam for best result
When steam cooking it is important that the steam contains no condensed water, which would boil the food instead of steaming it. The Pure Steam System in ASKO combi steam ovens ensures a continuous production of pure steam thanks to its steam separator that leads the condensed water away for re-heating and putting it back into the steaming process.