Get the most out of your oven
We have learned a lot since we started developing ovens and now they are full with a great many improvements and solutions. Here we have collected some of the many features you can experience in a ASKO oven.
Cooking with steam
Our combi steam ovens have a unique steam generation system that creates nothing more than pure steam. This is possible thanks to the flow meter, which ensures that the correct amount of water is used, and the separator, where the pure steam and condensed water are separated. Condensed steam falls to the bottom of the oven where it is heated and becomes new steam. This ensures that your food just gets steamed and not boiled.
Ovens with extra large capacity
The 60 cm ovens are extra large with a capacity of up to 75 litres and possibility to bake on five levels simultaneously. This saves time, money and the planet because you use electricity more efficiently. The same applies to the combination oven that can hold a full 51 litres and with which you can bake on three levels simultaneously. One of the largest 45 cm ovens on the market.
Save time and effort with pyrolytic cleaning
Just like other cookware you use in your kitchen the oven requires regular cleaning. That’s when your new pyrolytic oven comes in handy. During the pyrolysis programme the oven heats to 465 °C and all grease and leftovers are carbonised to a fine ash, which you then easily wipe up. And to make it even better, you can also clean the baking trays with pyrolysis.
Steam assisted cooking
With the Combi steam functions the steam is sprayed into the oven cavity at regular intervals. Using a combination of steam and convection is a good way to improve heat transfer while also browning the food. Steam makes the heating more efficient and prevents dehydration of the food, providing more succulent foods. Useful when cooking meat and chicken, for example.
Regenerate your dishes
This mode is used to gently reheat previously cooked dishes. The use of steam means there is no loss of quality. Taste and texture are preserved as though the dish is freshly cooked. This function is suitable for most dishes. Several dishes can be regenerated simultaneously.
Comfortable auto programs
Both the kitchen novice and kitchen professionals benefit from our auto programs. Via a number of choices you will come to the specific recipes where you only need to set the quantity or weight and desired browning level. The oven will then automatically set the appropriate function and cooking time.
Aqua Clean
Save time and effort using the Aqua clean function to remove stains and food residues from the oven. Pour water into the deep baking tray and place it on the lowest level. After 30 minutes, food residues on the oven enamel walls will have softened and they will be easy to clean with a damp cloth.
Multiphase step cooking
Multiphase cooking allows you to combine up to three functions in one cooking process. Select different functions and settings to compose the cooking process of your preference.
ASKO vaulted precision cooking
All ASKO ovens feature an interior cavity inspired by generations of wood fire ovens. The shape of our ovens, with a vaulted ceiling and completely flat backside and door, allows for a more even circulation of hot air. Since the food is heated evenly and vigorously from all sides, it is always perfectly done: crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.
Shared workload with stage cooking
Professional chefs always use different heating methods to bring more flavour to their food. Cooking at low temperature for a long time and finishing with a short grill, for example. Or why not use steam, hot air and the grill in one and the same programme? Instead of setting different heating modes by yourself, you simply make a selection in the menu and then press start. Let the oven do the work!
Ultra cool doors with soft opening and closing
The oven doors are constructed for maximum safety with up to four high-quality safety glasses and three heat-reflecting layers. Together with the cooling fan they ensure that the outside of the oven door is kept at normal room temperature even if the inside temperature is 240 °C. For safety and convenience we have also fitted the door hinges with integrated dampers that enable soft closing and opening.
Ergonomical and safe
Dealing with hot oven dishes that are large and heavy can be cumbersome and risky. That´s when the easy gliding telescopic guides with automatic locking function will come in handy. They make it convenient and safe to load and unload the oven, no matter how heavy and hot your dishes are.

Ovens by ASKO

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