Combi Steam Ovens

Steam is used daily by professional chefs to bring out more flavour from the food and to create delicious crispy crusts on bread and pastries. Cooking with steam is gentle on food and preserves vitamins and nutrients better than traditional boiling. With our combination steam ovens you can combine traditional convection with steam in a single cooking program or simply use just hot air or pure steam.
The right fuel for your food
With our combi steam ovens, you benefit from steam in your cooking either by selecting one of the specially designed steam programs or by injecting steam when you want. The steam process starts in the boiler where the water is heated to the boiling point and starts to evaporate. The steam is led into a channel and before it is injected into the oven cavity it is separated from the condensed water - the pure steam is injected into the space and the condensed water is returned to the water tank. This ensures that your food is being steamed and not boiled.