Get the most out of your hood
Our hoods are straightforward and carefully constructed. We have the hood that suits your kitchen. Read about the features that comes with a hood from ASKO.
We use long life charcoal filter that last 5 years. With our filter you get less filter exchanges, less trouble and less costs.
Touch control with LED display
Our cooker hoods have a logical touch control with LED ­display in dark glass. The display is energy-saving and goes into ­power save mode when not in use.
Air Logic™ - a unique air flow system
The Air Logic™ system ensures that the whole surface of the hood is used for fume extraction. This is made possible by the unique hole pattern with small holes near the motor and larger holes at the outer edges, which makes the hood extremely efficient also at lower settings. Thus both quiet and energy efficient.
Cloud Zone™ - nothing is left behind
When there are a lot of cooking fumes to be extracted at once, there is a risk that the fumes will bypass the sides of the hood. By creating an extra space between the filters and the edges, more fumes are captured before being extracted. We call it Cloud Zone™.
Clean air and filter indication
If the filters are clogged, it really does not matter how efficient the range hood is in general. The fume removal capacity will decrease significantly. That´s when the clean filter indication comes in handy. It reminds you when it’s time for cleaning the filter.

Hoods by ASKO

Effective cooker hoods from ASKO